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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph's WISH LIST


Classic Liz

This is my current DVD/Blu-ray wish list. I especially like receiving DVD and Blu-ray Collections as gifts, not only because collections often have films that are not sold separately, but because they also contain special features like backstory documentaries and commentaries.  I especially like the individual films and film sets released by TCM (Turner Classic Movies). The sad part about living in Canada is single films acquired from here often lack the special features that the USA counterpart contains due to the legal requirement of having a French language track. Although, I do most of my ordering through Amazon.ca (the Canadian equivalent of Amazon.com), I would rather have the USA version of most films to get those perks.  In North America DVDs are Region 1 and Blu-rays are Region A.

Any reader that wants to send me a gift, should e-mail me first at classicliz@yahoo.com about what to send and for correct postal information.

The Bogie and Bacall Signature Collection

Classic Musicals Collection: Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory

Classic Musicals Collection: Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Vol. 2

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