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Classically Speaking:
Promoting Classic Movies in a Jaded World!

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Cary Grant and Liz at Dinner
Cary Grant and Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph

Hi, and welcome to CLASSICALLY SPEAKING.
This blog was created to enlighten the clueless about classic movies (along with the rest of us who admit that we don't know everything). All posts were contributed by classic movie fans. On this post page, I answer any questions that readers submit concerning my blog. Anyone may leave questions as comments at the bottom of the page or e-mail me about anything that he or she doesn't see answered here. My email address is: classicliz@yahoo.com. You may call me either Elizabeth or Liz.



How do I view posts, other the one currently displaying on the home page?
On the home page, in the right hand sidebar, look for the heading YOUR EDUCATION AWAITS. Clicking upon SHOWCASES, found underneath this heading, will bring you to our indexes.
Make your selection from there and go to the subsequent corresponding pages.

How do I view comments on a particular post?
Comments, if available, are found at the end of each post. Scroll to the bottom of the post. Comments follow the words "Posted by Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph at....".

What constitutes a classic performer?
This is always a subject for debate. Here on my blog, our contributors call any favorite performer who made films prior to 1972 a classic performer. In submitting a showcase to Classically Speaking
for publication, the contributor must list at least one film made prior to 1972 in the five recommendations, preferably as the main entry, to be accepted.


Readers: I hope you have enjoyed visiting my blog. Please feel free to write to me concerning any suggestions you may have or to offer words of praise. Remember to type the words Classically Speaking in the subject line of your e-mail. I have more than one blog. I delete what appears to be SPAM. I don't want to delete your message by mistake.

*Cinematically yours,
Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph

Photo displayed: A Photoshopped version of a movie still from The Awful Truth (1937) starring Cary Grant and Irene Dunne. Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph's face is pasted over Irene Dunne's. It's a joke.