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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Bing Crosby

BING CROSBY (1903-1977), born Harry Lillis Crosby

Road to Morocco (1942)

Haven't you seen Road to Morocco (1942)? Why it's the epitome of camaraderie with Bing, Bob, and Dottie!

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Country Girl (1954) A dramatic performance of Bing's that is amazing.
Welcome Stranger (1947) A lesser known film that he did with Barry Fitzgerald, with whom the rapport is excellent.
Holiday Inn (1942) See this one for a pile of Irving Berlin songs, topically organized, funny jokes, and Fred Astaire's dancing played off of Bing's singing.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949) Bing with kids, in glorious color, and with nice songs that aren't so well known.

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1944 Won Best Actor in a Leading Role: GOING MY WAY
1945 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S
1954 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: THE COUNTRY GIRL