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Monday, September 19, 2005


Burt Lancaster

BURT LANCASTER (1913-1994), born Burton Stephen Lancaster, was the lead actor from the late 1940s until his death in 1994.

The Killers (1946)

Haven't you seen The Killers (1946)? Lancaster's primary role as Ole 'Swede' Andreson brought him to the attention of a wide audience. Stardom was just around the corner.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Crimson Pirate (1952) Lancaster had been a circus acrobat and he used his skills in this enjoyable swashbuckler.
Trapeze (1956) Lancaster costars with Tony Curtis in this drama set in the world of the circus aerialists.
Gunfight At The OK Corral (1957) Burt is Wyatt Earp in the John Sturges classic.
Elmer Gantry (1960) Lancaster won the Best Actor Oscar for his role as the fake evangelist. A powerful film.

*Contributed by: "Eric Jamborsky" Date: Jun 17 2002 / 16:54:15

Academy Awards®
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1953 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: FROM HERE TO ETERNITY
1960 Won Best Actor in a Leading Role: ELMER GANTRY
1962 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: BIRDMAN OF ALCATRAZ
1981 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: ATLANTIC CITY


  • Burt was perfection. He had the
    humanity of Henry Fonda,the gregariousness of Reagan, the soulfulness of Pacino, and the virility of Schwarzenegger. He should have gotten into politics.

    By Blogger clonar22, at Tue Aug 09, 11:35:00 PM PDT  

  • He had quite a big role in The Killers. Also see Birdman of Alcatraz, From Here to Eternity, Seven Days in May, The Leopard, and Atlantic City. They are some of his best films.

    By Anonymous Carolin, at Sat Apr 23, 02:37:00 PM PDT