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Saturday, September 10, 2005


Orson Welles
ORSON WELLES (1915-1985), born George Orson Welles

I am truly, truly shocked if you have not heard of one of the most talented actors who could also direct and write screenplays. Orson Welles influenced the art of cinema for all time. Quickly - rush out and see these movies!

Citizen Kane (1941)

Haven't you seen Citizen Kane (1941)? This monumental picture just draws you into this world Orson created with unbelievable directing and not to mention great acting.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Lady from Shanghai (1948) A film noir that Orson Welles directed, wrote, and acted in.
Jane Eyre (1944) Orson did not direct this, but he perfectly portrayed the tormented Mr. Rochester of Charlotte Bronte's book.
The Third Man (1949) One of my very favorite films of all time. Orson Welles plays the enigmatic and captivating villain Harry Lime.
Touch of Evil (1958) Orson Welles wrote and directs this as well. He plays a corrupt police chief.

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Academy Awards®
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1941 Won Writing (Best Original Screenplay) : CITIZEN KANE
1941 Nominated for Best Achievement in Directing : CITIZEN KANE
1941 Nominated for Best Picture of the Year: CITIZEN KANE
1941 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: CITIZEN KANE
1942 Nominated for Best Picture of the Year: THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS
1970 Honorary and Other Awards: For superlative artistry and versatility in the creation of motion pictures. Winner presented a Statuette.