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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Paul Randolph's STANDING FIRM

What types of films would I like to see made today?

(stay true to themselves)?

Peer pressure doesn't end with high school---there are always people trying to change who we are. I salute the person who stands firm and chooses not to be a "doormat" that others can walk all over. People may call the one who stands firm self-seeking, self-indulgent and self-serving; I call him a role model. We need more examples in movies today of individuals who listen to their hearts and more importantly act with them. I admire those who continue along their chosen paths and hold on to their dreams. Others imposing their will upon us may mean well or do so out of habit rather than malevolence, but a lot of folks are just "control freaks". I believe we must have faith that those people closest to us will understand that we must do what we feel is right. They may not approve of our choices, but at least they will respect us for "sticking to our guns". We need more trailblazers, those willing to do what they believe is right, regardless of who's with them or against them. We must march ahead and not stumble. Then we'll see we've chosen our friends well, they will be standing beside us.

I suggest more movies like:
Holiday (1938) with Johnny Case (played Cary Grant)
My Man Godfrey (1936) with Godfrey Parke (played by William Powell)
Broken Arrow (1950) with Apache Chief Cochise (played by Jeff Chandler)

I'm happy to spend my money on such films.

*Contributed by: "Paul Randolph" Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 / 22:20:05 PST

Movie still displayed: Holiday (1938)