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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Richard Boone

RICHARD BOONE (1917-1981), born Richard Allen Boone, made his mark on television in the 1950s with the series "Medic" and became a strong supporting player in films.

Away All Boats (1956)Haven't you seen Away All Boats (1956)? Boone is a naval officer supporting Jeff Chandler in this thrilling story of World War II.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Alamo (1960) Boone has two short, but powerful, scenes as Sam Houston in John Wayne's epic.
"Have Gun Will Travel" TV-Series (1957-1963) Boone is Paladin, a gunfighter based in San Francisco, who works only for worthy causes. The quirky humor of the scripts made it the most popular Western of its day.
"Medic" TV-Series (1954-1956) This was the first medical series on television to focus on the reality of the profession. It was not a success at the time, but is now one of the most highly regarded series of the 50s.
The Shootist (1976) Boone is one of the gunfighters lured into town by the dying gunslinger portrayed by John Wayne in his final film. Boone's part is small, but memorable.

Richard Boone

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