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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Walter Pidgeon
WALTER PIDGEON (1897-1984), born Walter Davis Pigeon

I've always loved Walter Pidgeon. Maybe it was his dashing good looks and that magnificent voice that first made me notice him. It was his voice that was used for author Sterling North in the family film Rascal. My favorite films were when he starred opposite Greer Garson. He's a marvelous actor.

How Green Was My Valley (1941)Haven't you seen How Green Was My Valley (1941)? This is a wonderfully moving film about the Morgan family who live in a Welsh mining village at the beginning of the twentieth century. Walter Pidgeon plays a preacher. This film on DVD is part of the Fox Studio Classics collection and well worth purchasing.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

Blossoms in the Dust (1941) Walter Pidgeon plays Sam Gladney in this biographical film about Edna Gladney who fought to strike the word "illegitimate" from birth certificates and the prejudice that labeling children in that such manner caused.
Mrs. Miniver (1942) Here, Walter Pidgeon plays Clem Miniver, a wonderful husband and father in this story of a middle class English family in the early months of World War II.
Madame Curie (1943) He plays Dr. Pierre Curie. This is an excellent biography of the Curies and their discoveries and contributions to the field of medicine and science.
Forbidden Planet (1956) This was my first favorite sci-fi film. Walter Pidgeon played Dr. Edward Morbius.

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1942 Nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role: MRS. MINIVER
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