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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Sullivan's Travels (1941)

SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS (1941)--a comedy-drama set during the 1930s Depression Era and starring Joel McCrea and Veronica Lake.

McCrea plays hollywood director John L. Sullivan known for his comedy films who decides he wants to make a drama about the depression as he thinks it truly is. He thinks people need realism, because they are suffering and have no need for comedy.

But his colleagues tell him that people don't want to see other people on screen depressed, poor and sick. They have enough of that. He doesn't listen. They also point out that he knows nothing of true hardship.

So, Sullivan decides to find out for himself what it's like to be poor by living that way and leaves Hollywood. Somehow, he manages to end right back where he started.

Veronica Lake plays a inspiring actress who meets Sullivan and travels with him on his journey.

It is an excellent film and has a great story with a few twists and turns towards the end. I really enjoyed it. I think you will, too.

*Contributed by: Nina M. Date: Wed, Feb 08 2006 / 02:20:53 PST