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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Anastasia (1956)

ANASTASIA (1956) This is a really great film. A very tense, dramatic and mysterious drama based on the story of "Anastasia" the Russian Grand Duchess played by the very talented Ingrid Bergman. Yul Brynner plays courtier "Bounine" a staff member of the Royal Family.

Anastasia and her family were imprisoned and killed, but there were rumours that she was still alive and had escaped. Ten years on, she still had not be found even though there were many women who claimed that they were her. Bounine was the one who for the last 10 years had been looking for her or someone who resembled her, as he was after 10 million pounds and needed her to get it.

He found a very vulunerable, troubled, sick and lonely homeless young woman by the name of Anna Anderson who greatly resembled Anastasia. Bounine asked her questions about her life to try to find out if she was Anastasia, but she couldn't remember much and didn't believe that she was her. Convinced that she maybe was Anastasia or looks closely like her, Bounine convinces Anna to become her. He teaches her about her life, family, personality, mannerisms and interests. He hopes that this will persuade Anastasia's grandmother, the Empress, that the woman he found is in fact her granddaughter.

Ingrid Bergman was great and the way she played the part with all those different emotions and feelings her character had was just superb.

It was difficult to tell if Anna was Anastasia because you didn't know if she was made to believe what Bounine was telling her or if she just blocked out the killing and torture of her family and had truly had forgotten who she was.

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