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Thursday, July 20, 2006


Leatrice Joy

LEATRICE JOY (1896-1985), born Leatrice Joy Zeidler, was a popular star of the silents who gave up her career with the coming of sound. She did make a few appearances later but never intended to revive her career. She was married to John Gilbert for two years and they had a daughter.

Haven't you seen Manslaughter (1922)? Leatrice portrays a dizzy society dame who is responsible for the death of a motorcycle officer. DeMille manages a flashback to a Roman orgy in this one.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Ten Commandments (1923) She stars opposite Richard Dix in the modern portion of DeMille's film.
Vanity (1927) Another society dame in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Eve's Leaves (1926) Reports are this was a very amusing comedy, but it is hard to find.
The Angel Of Broadway (1927) I don't know if this film still exists, but it has an interesting plot. The cast is mostly female and the director was Lois Weber.

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Portrait photo supplied by Eric Jamborsky: 1920s "Obsequito Cerveza Polar" Premium Card, Havana, Cuba.