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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Please Don't Forget...ELSIE FERGUSON!

Elsie Ferguson
ELSIE FERGUSON (1883-1961), born Elsie Louise Ferguson, first gained fame on the Broadway stage before going into film. She appeared in 24 silent films which, with one possible exception, are all considered lost. Her one sound film is in the Time-Warner collection. After leaving films she returned to the stage for several years before retiring from acting.

When I think of Elsie Ferguson, I cherish her work in the following:

Forever (1921)
Forever [aka Peter Ibbetson; aka The Great Romance] (1921) Elsie costarred with Wallace Reid whose tragic death from drug addiction helped lead to the Production Code. A copy of this film was owned by Reid's widow and may be in a private collection.
Scarlet Pages (1930) This was Elsie's first film since 1925 and her only talkie. Reportedly it has been shown on TCM. Elsie portrays a defense attorney in the film based on her stage success.
A Doll's House (1918) Elsie portrays Nora in this adaptation of the Ibsen play.
Barbary Sheep (1917) In her film debut Elsie was directed by the great director Maurice Tourneur.
The Unknown Lover (1925) In her last silent film she starred opposite Frank Mayo, another forgotten star.

*Contributed by: "Eric Jamborsky" Date: Fri, Jun 30 2006 / 12:33:39 PST

Portrait photo supplied by Eric Jamborsky: 1920s "Obsequito Cerveza Polar" Premium Card, Havana, Cuba.