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Monday, August 07, 2006


Alan LaddALAN LADD (1913-1964) lived tragically a childhood straight from the pages of Charles Dickens. He worked many jobs to make ends meet, a lifeguard, a gas station attendant, a hot dog vendor, and a grip. He eventually broke into radio and played bit parts in over forty films. He was finally discovered by talent agent Sue Carol in 1939 and thrust into stardom by his role in This Gun For Hire in 1942. Sadly, he passed away suddenly after the completion of The Carpetbaggers in 1964.

Shane (1953)
Haven't you seen Shane (1953)? Probably his best film role, Shane is the lone gunman who appears to help the farmers, then rides off alone. It is a powerful film, and despite the comments of some critics, Ladd was inspired casting for this role.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

This Gun For Hire (1942) Ladd shines in the role of Raven, the psychotic killer who is kind to children and cats. It is an impressive performance.
Whispering Smith (1948) Ladd is a railroad detective forced to track down his old friend played by Robert Preston.
The Blue Dahlia (1946) Ladd is a returning veteran suspected of murdering his unfaithful wife. Good performances all around, especially by William Bendix.
Boy on a Dolphin (1957) Seeing this film made me want to become an oceanographer. Of course, Sophia Loren's presence may have had something to do with that too. Lovely location filming in Greece.

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  • Its funny because I just saw Shane for the first ime in my adult life. And wondered about some of its actors, I havent seen that movie since I was 9, I appreciated it more now. Feel free to vist my blog www.juddandjasonspeakout.com Thanks and I enjoyed ur blog. Keep writing and ill keep visiting

    By Anonymous Jason, at Mon Aug 07, 03:41:00 PM PDT