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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


David MannersDAVID MANNERS (1901-1998), born Rauff de Ryther Duan Acklom in Nova Scotia, appeared on the stage before moving into films in 1929/30. He soon grew tired of the business and retired from the movies in 1936. He made ocassional stage appearances afterward, but preferred life on his ranch and his second career as a novelist. He made a good impression during his short career, especially appearing in two classic Horror films. One of his early films, Kismet (1930) is a Lost film.

Dracula (1931)Haven't you seen Dracula (1931)? Manners portrayed Jonathan Harker with Helen Chandler as Mina, the Count's intended victim. He holds up well playing against Bela Lugosi and Edward van Sloan.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Mummy (1932) Here Manners faces the other big Universal Horror star, Karloff, in a stylish and eerie tale of an ancient Egyptian returned to life.
Hearts in Bondage (1936) Manners co stars with James Dunn as old friends separated by the Civil War. They are destined to meet again during the famous battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia. This was his next to last film. The battle sequence is well staged by Republic's ace effects team.
Roman Scandals (1933) Manners plays Josephus in the Eddie Cantor musical extravaganza. Busby Berkely was the dance director and Lucille Ball appears for a few seconds as a dancer.
A Bill Of Divorcement (1932) Manners costars with Katherine Hepburn, John Barrymore and Billie Burke. The film has aged badly but Manners and Hepburn make a handsome couple.

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