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Wednesday, January 10, 2007



ON MOONLIGHT BAY (1951) I thought that this was just a lovely and fantastic film.

It stars Doris Day as tomboy Marjorie who likes playing Baseball until she meets Bill played by Gordon MacRae her neighbour across the road.

They start dating, he goes to College and soon there is talk of wedding bells but nothing goes smoothly as her Father is against it, her brother Wesley is causing havoc for the family and Bill joins the Army.

Doris and Gordon were terrific as Marjorie and Bill as was the rest of the cast.

It was a nice pleasant romantic story, the songs were lovely and it was funny too.

One of the scenes that made me laugh was when Bill thinks that Marjorie's dad is a drunk who is beating her and her Mum up and throws water over him.

*Contributed by: "Nina M." Date: Thurs, Dec 21 2006 / 09:30:46 PST


  • Hi Nina,
    Reading your review brings back good memories of seeing this movie when I was a child and I loved Gordon McCrae and just the charm and innocence of the life these folks led in this little town.
    Doris Day and Gordon McCrae did a series of films together and all were similar and fun to watch.

    By Blogger SylviaK, at Sat Jan 13, 06:26:00 AM PST