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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Roy BarcroftROY BARCROFT (1902-1969) is one of the most fondly-remembered bad guys in the B Westerns and serials. He was equally popular with his fellow cast members as he was with the fans. In 1943 he signed a 10-year exclusive contract with Republic Pictures. After the demise of the B Westerns he played numerous roles on television including episodes of "Gunsmoke", "Bonanza" and "Perry Mason". For kids of my generation he was best-known as Col. Jim Logan, owner of the Triple R Bar ranch in Disney's The Adventures Of Spin & Marty. Barcroft appeared in around 360 movies during his career. His final roles were in The Reivers (1969) and Monte Walsh (1970).

Manhunt Of Mystery Island (1945)Haven't you seen Manhunt Of Mystery Island (1945)? Reedited by Republic as Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine, Manhunt of Mystery Island, its original title, is a 15-chapter serial from Republic filled with great action, and Barcroft is a joy to watch.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

Sheriff Of Wichita (1949) Barcroft heads an outlaw gang in this Rocky Lane Western.
In Old Amarillo (1951) Barcroft has a major supporting role in this Roy Rogers oater.
Radar Men From The Moon (1952) This may be the serial that introduced Commando Cody, but everybody's too busy watching Barcroft as Retik, ruler of the Moon, as he plans to invade Earth.
The Purple Monster Strikes (1945) Again Barcroft steals the show from the star as "The Purple Monster", a Martian who can take on any identity. A classic serial from Republic.

*Contributed by: "Eric Jamborsky" Date: Thurs, Jan 4 2007 / 12:49:41 PST