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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


George 'Foghorn' WinslowEver loved a film that you saw too many years ago to remember its name? Yet, there's one particular scene you recall that should be enough for someone to identify it, but no such luck. Room For One More was such a film. It was on a classic movies message board that I finally found relief. I described a scene with a little blond-haired boy with bass voice, who tells his mother that she had better come quick. One of the kids is walking down the street naked. Sure enough, someone wrote back. The joy I felt finally learning the title was what lead me to look for ways to network classic movies fans. I began with a mailing list, which lead to a web site and lastly, this blog. GEORGE WINSLOW (1946-Present), born George Karl Wentzlaff, was that child actor with the bass voice. The film was Room for One More. It was his hilarious dry facade and deadpan delivery of his view of the situation that made me look for him in other films. He was nicknamed "Foghorn" when working for Twentieth Century Fox, who bought his contract after seeing him in Room For One More. He appeared in a second film with Cary Grant, Monkey Business, which also starred Marilyn Monroe. George Winslow's most famous role was alongside Marilyn Monroe in another film called Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I like him best in Room For One More, but that is probably because that's where I saw him first. I hope you'll check him out. He's a scene stealer without even trying.

Haven't you seen Room For One More (1952)?Room For One More (1952) [aka: The Easy Way] This is a beautiful family film. It is the true story of The Roses, played by Cary Grant and Betsy Drake (his real wife at the time), who take in foster children. It is a nice balance of drama and comedy. George Winslow plays one of their biological children, nicknamed Teenie.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

Monkey Business (1952) [aka: Be Your Age; Howard Hawks' Monkey Business (USA: complete title)] He played Little Indian in a very funny scene where Barnaby Fulton (played by Cary Grant), thinks he's a kid, too, and along with his little friends give Hank Entwhistle (played by Hugh Marlowe) a scalping. It's actually a Mohawk; no blood was shed, in this very funny film.
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) [aka: Howard Hawks' Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (USA: complete title)] He played Henry Spofford III.
Artists and Models (1955) He played Richard Stilton
The Rocket Man (1954) He plays Timmy, a boy who discovers a ray gun that compels anyone caught in its beam to tell the truth.

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  • Another must-see from his filmography is "Mr. Scoutmaster", starring Clifton Webb as a stuffy radio actor who takes over a boy scout troop. I saw this one when it first came out and have remembered George Winslow after all these years.

    By Blogger Eric Jamborsky, at Sun Feb 25, 10:05:00 AM PST