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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Herbert Lom

HERBERT LOM (1917-2012) was born September 11, 1917 in Bohemia as Herbert Charles Angelo Kuchacevich Schluderpacheru. He has had a long career in film, on television and on the stage. A fine dramatic actor, he is probably best know as Commissioner Charles Dreyfus in the Pink Panther films.

A Shot in the Dark (1964)Haven't you seen A Shot In The Dark (1964)? Here was where Lom first played Charles Dreyfus. In this second film of the "Pink Panther" series, Lom came close to stealing the whole film away from star Peter Sellers. They worked splendidly together throughout the series creating many moments of classic comedy.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

The Phantom Of The Opera (1962) Lom portrayed the most sympathetic Phantom, Professor L. Petrie, whose Opera is stolen by the slimy Lord Ambrose D'Arcy. The mayhem is left to the Phantom's assistant. Lord Ambrose is played by Michael Gough, another of the excellent British character actors.
Inspector Dreyfus - Autographed PhotoMysterious Island (1961) Lom is Captain Nemo in Ray Harryhausen's filming of the Jules Verne yarn.
Third Man On The Mountain (1959) Lom is Emil Saxo, a mountain climbing guide. This has some of the best mountaineering footage of any movie made.

The Ladykillers (1955) Lom and Peter Sellers appeared together for the first time in this delightful Ealing comedy starring Alec Guinness. This is a true classic which spawned a truly awful remake. This is a must-see for any film fan.

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  • Well, you know... I may be the rare individual who went to see the Pink Panther films, not for Closeau, but for Dreyfuss: to me, he was the real attraction of the series.

    Afterwards, I saw him in several oyther films, often in supporting, but solidly acted, roles: "The Phantom of the Opera", "Spartacus", "The 7th Veil"... he's been really around in lots of films of all genres!

    Thanks for your post, I think Lom deserves more recognition than he usually gets.

    By Blogger Gloria, at Sun Feb 18, 03:00:00 PM PST  

  • I would point people towards 'Helldrivers' where he plays an Italian - a great line for 'Prisoner' fans where Patrick McGoohan saya 'I am number one'- or in 'Asylum' where he does the mad doctor thing really well.

    By Blogger fatpaulied, at Wed Aug 01, 05:37:00 PM PDT  

  • I've only seen him in the Pink Panther series, but he's amazingly, unspeakably good at portraying a decent into madness. One of the best monologues of all time is the eulogy he delivers at what he believes to be Clouseau's funeral in Revenge of the Pink Panther. This is acting at its best. If this doesn't make you laugh, then you'd better check yourself for a pulse. Who else but an amazingly gifted actor could make you identify with the man that isn't able to kill Clouseau?

    By Anonymous Paul R., at Mon Dec 13, 08:42:00 PM PST  

  • I grew up on the pink panther movies. When we got our first VCR player they were some of the first movies we purchased. My friends from school would come over to my house to watch them. To this day the day the pairing of Sellers and Lom stands up agianst anyone. Huge Fan.

    By Blogger captainblood, at Sun Feb 20, 02:35:00 PM PST