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Sunday, April 06, 2008


Charlton HestonI thought I'd share some thoughts about CHARLTON HESTON. He had quite a career and had the ability to play larger-than-life characters on the screen. He wasn't a typical Hollywood type known for parties and weekly scandals.

Charlton Heston had a self-deprecating sense of humor. He talked about attending the wedding of Joe Canute, his regular stunt man. Joe introduced him to his new bride, "This is Chuck Heston. He does all my lines."

In fact he autographed the picture I sent him many years ago as "Chuck Heston".

Among my favorite Heston roles later in his career, two stand out. One is the devious Cardinal Richelieu in Richard Lester's films of "The Three Musketeers". The other is Long John Silver in the Turner television production of Treasure Island. He made a great pirate.

A life long Conservative, he was marching for Civil Rights while liberals such as Al Gore, Sr., were filibustering against the bill.

Charlton Heston is gone now. I watched my DVD of The Ten Commandments today. Fifty-two years later it still has the power to hold an audience and Charlton Heston's performance is very strong.

So, watch a Charlton Heston film this week and remember the Hollywood that once gave us real stars.

*Contributed by: "Eric Jamborsky" Date: Sun, Apr 06 2008 / 19:28:28 PDT