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Sunday, June 05, 2011


Chill Wills
CHILL WILLS (1902–1978), born Chill Theodore Wills says he was named Chill because he was born on the hottest day of the year. As an actor and singer he appeared in 132 movies and television shows. He was heard as the voice of Francis the Talking Mule and frequently appeared with John Wayne. I had the pleasure of meeting him around 1970.

The Alamo (1960)Haven't you seen The Alamo (1960)? Chill received an Oscar nomination for his performance as the Beekeeper, Davy Crockett's right-hand man.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

Rio Grande (1950) This was the final installment of John Ford's "Cavalry Trilogy" (with Fort Apache and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon). Chill portrayed the regimental surgeon.
McLintock (1963) Again he is John Wayne's right-hand-man.
Giant (1956) Chill portrayed Rock Hudson's uncle
Way Out West (1937) He appears with the rest of the Avalon Boys providing the music for Stan and Ollie's dance number. He also provides Stan's bass voice in another number.

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1961 Nominated for Best Actor in a Supporting Role: THE ALAMO