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Tuesday, July 08, 2014


When author and reader of my blog, "Classically Speaking", David Meuel asked me if he could send me a free copy of his latest book, Women in the Films of John Ford, my first thought was once this man hears that doing so means costly shipping to Canada, he won't feel so generous.  Much to my surprise however, this was not the case. A brand new paperback arrived within the week.  

Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much, despite the title being a topic that interested me.  I had been asked to buy and read several books on the film over the years through my blog, not one being worth my time or money.  Everything changed the moment that I began reading the preface of Women in the Films of John Ford.  David Meuel's book was not riddled with typos, grammatical errors, or misspellings.  It wasn't poorly researched, fraught with inaccuracies, or spouting hearsay.  It also wasn't all pictures with very little copy.  The more I read, the more grateful I grew that David Meuel had graciously given me his wonderful book, a truly delightful read.  

Being a writer, reader, and storyteller, I'm really picky when it comes to books, film books in particular.  I adamantly avoid biographies, reading mostly autobiographies, because I crave hearing things first hand.  Personal accounts are so much richer, especially when written well.

David Meuel may not be an actor or a filmmaker.  He is, however like me, a lifelong student of films, with a passion for the movies.  Every line in his book demonstrates serious dedication to his topic.  He has read numerous books on John Ford, spoken to their authors, taken film classes, and most of all, watched with both his heart and critical eye the films of John Ford mentioned in his book countless times.

Women in the Films of John Ford not only inspired me at its close to begin reading again cover to cover, the second time aloud to my husband, knowing that he, too, as a lover of classic films, fine writing, and talking to intelligent people would enjoy it, it made me want to visit for the first time John Ford films I had not seen and revisit all those I had.  This is what all film books should do, both educate and inspire readers, but sadly fall short.

Throughout reading David Meuel's book, I felt again and again that I'd found a true kindred spirit.  Here was a man I'd have in my living room watching classic movies with me.  Oh, the stories he and I would share!

Hearing that David has other film books in the works, I told him that "I will read everything you write."  Then I added, "I did however David, find one thing wrong with the book you sent me.  You didn't autographed it."  

He has assured me that his next book will correct that oversight.

I heartily recommend this book to all those that love movies, regardless of whether or not you are familiar with the work of director John Ford.  I guarantee that after reading even one chapter, you will want to see what David Meuel appreciates in these fine actresses, as I have.  It can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the publisher.

Thank you David for sending me your book.  It is a treasured friend, as are you.

*Contributed by: "Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph" Date: Tues, July 8 2014 / 14:54:28 PDT

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