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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Elizabeth Taylor

DAME ELIZABETH TAYLOR (1932-2011), born Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor

Haven't you seen Rhapsody (1954)? Elizabeth plays a spoiled rich girl who is going to a posh music conservatory as a pianist, however she isn't very good on the piano but she falls in love with a violinist who wins first place and goes off to play the violin all over the world. Rhapsody (1954)A pianist falls madly in love with her and on the rebound she marries him, and stays at the conservatory as his wife. She is not really in love with him but still yearns for the violinist. As a result of the marriage, the husband begins to drink heavily. The violinist shows up and she plans to run off with him. However, her father has a long talk with her and convinces her that she needs to get her husband on his feet again and back to his piano. The long hard climb gets him to the finals and he wins top honors in the piano competition.

If I tell you the rest, you won't see it, but I just loved this movie
even though I haven't seen it for years.

Watch this and then see these other four films.

National Velvet (1944) I saw National Velvet when I was a girl. It was very heart warming and I enjoyed it. For a while after I dreamed about having my own horse. Seeing Elizabeth as a young girl would still be a treat!
Raintree County (1957) Montgomery Clift and Eva Marie Saint were also featured in this movie and the costumes were in the same styles as Gone With the Wind. Actually, Montgomery was one of her good friends. There was a mistake in the music in the film...they were singing a song which was written one year after the time period in the movie.
Little Women (1949) Elizabeth played Amy March. Little Women was one of my favorites, even though Elizabeth had a smaller part than June Allyson. I loved the book and consequently the movie as well.
A Place in the Sun (1951) This is an adaptation of Theodore Dreiser's novel, An American Tragedy, although the characters' names have been changed. This film also stars Montgomery Clift.

*Contributed by: "Emily Omar" Date: Sun, Oct 2 2005 19:05:24 PST

Academy Awards®
© A.M.P.A.S.®
1993 Won Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
1967 Won Best Actress in a Leading Role WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? (1966) Elizabeth Taylor was not present at the awards ceremony. Anne Bancroft accepted the award on her behalf.
1961 Won Best Actress in a Leading Role BUTTERFIELD 8 (1960)
1960 Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role SUDDENLY, LAST SUMMER (1959)
1959 Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (1958)
1958 Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role RAINTREE COUNTY (1957)


  • If God ever created a woman who was prettier or is prettier than Elizabeth Taylor in her youth, I'd like to know who she is. Liz was just drop dead gorgeous, and she could hold her own on the screen.

    By Blogger ArlenRay, at Mon Oct 03, 12:16:00 PM PDT