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Monday, January 22, 2018


James Garner

JAMES GARNER (1928-2014), born James Scott Baumgarner

"James Garner, Swoon Worthy"

As a movie buff, I am often asked to name my favorite film genre, that one film that is my all-time favorite, and the one particular movie actor that I find the most attractive.  Genre is easy.  I love romantic comedies.  My favorite film of all time would depend upon who is in it.  I have a lot of favorite actors.  As for each of these great actors being exceptionally good looking, I can't make that statement.  Most, as strangers without a movie career walking down the sidewalk, wouldn't cause me to take a second look.  It's their movies that create the glamour, charisma, and sexual magnetism.  This is not the case with James Garner.  He is one of the few actors that the sight of him alone would cause me to forget where I was headed.

I first swooned over James Garner as a teenager, watching the wonderful television western "Maverick" in reruns.  The original show aired 1957-1962.  Being born in 1960, I didn't know this show existed until I could watch it in reruns.  This was not the day of being able to watch any favorite film in my living room whenever I felt like it.  I had to scour the TV Guide, listing by listing, pray that my favorite actor was in something that week, and that film aired at a decent hour.
I knew James Garner by name before ever having watched "Maverick" however.  I had seen him in Move Over Darling (1963), Support Your Local Sheriff (1969), and One Little Indian (1973).  Sadly, not one of these films, did I have the opportunity to view at the cinema.  I watched these movies on my 14" black and white television set.  It was when I owned Move Over Darling on DVD much later, that I noticed all the leading men that Doris Day had the opportunity to co-star with in her films. All of them were great stars, but it was the good looks of James Garner that topped even charismatic Cary Grant.

Yes, there came other actors that I temporarily swooned over, as my love for movies increased, but none of them seemed to age well.  Many lost their hair, grew the bushiest of eyebrows, and ended up craggy and jowly.  James Garner, however, was good looking to the end.  It didn't matter how old he was, he still caused me to swoon.  The Notebook (2004) became one of my all-time favorite films.

Looks aside, James Garner was still a very good actor.  He continues to be well worth your movie viewing time.  I hope you'll acquaint yourself with this man's man, that can make the everyday man appealing, and has everything the other stars have.  But oh, how nice it is, that he can be swoon worthy, too. ~ ClassicLiz

Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)Haven't you seen Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)?

Watch this and then see these other four films.

Move Over, Darling (1963)
The Thrill of It All (1963)
The Americanization of Emily (1964)
Tank (1984)

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