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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Contributing Editor: JEFF LANG

Jeff Lang
CONTRIBUTIONS: 3 Performers: Gregory Peck, James Garner, Fred MacMurray

E-MAIL CONTACT: mantooth@jefflangonline.com

WEB SITES: Gregory Peck Online, James Garner Online

LOCATION: California, USA


INTERESTS: James Bond films, Steve Martin books and movies, wrestling. For anything else, just ask. :)

MOVIE MEMORABILIA: Countless amount of Gregory Peck items, some cool James Garner stuff. Lots of posters and 8x10's ....

Jeff Lang and Gregory Peck Jeff Lang and Gregory Peck

PERFORMERS MET: Gregory Peck (3 times); Chris Isaak; Ben Folds; Bob Holly; and Kevin Nash

FAVORITE MOVIES: At the moment: Cool Hand Luke (1967). It just depends on my mood.

FAVORITE ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Gregory Peck, James Garner, Fred MacMurray, Steve Martin, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Cary Grant, Sam Neill, Randolph Mantooth, Stephen Collins, Bryan Cranston .... I know I'm forgetting someone there .... heh

TESTIMONY: Classic movies are more emotional than half of the fluff out now. It's not like I hate movies now, it's just that I don't like as many of them as I do classic movies. Not to mention, the people in classic movies are a lot cooler than anyone today. I think the first classic movie I ever saw was North By Northwest (1959).

*Contributed by: "Jeff Lang" Date: Sun, Jul 01 2001 / 15:20:12 PST

Jeff Lang is seen here photographed twice with Gregory Peck.

Updated: Sat, Aug 20 2005