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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Contributing Editor: ANNA K.

Ingrid Bergman
CONTRIBUTIONS: 5 Performers: Ingrid Bergman, Charles Chaplin, Lillian Gish, Alec Guinness, Jean Harlow


LOCATION: Massachusetts, U.S.A.

WRITTEN LANGUAGES: English, French, Greek

INTERESTS: Anything having to do with classic movies, classic literature, poetry, piano, languages, travel!

MOVIE MEMORABILIA: Many videos and posters of classics.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Lawrence of Arabia (1962) [#1 favorite], Sunset Blvd. (1950),Lawrence of Arabia Modern Times (1936), Rebecca (1940), Vertigo (1958), Doctor Zhivago (1965), Gone With the Wind (1939), It Happened One Night (1934), Psycho (1960), Becket (1964), Picnic (1955), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), Amadeus (1984), Double Indemnity (1944), Gilda (1946), The Sixth Sense (1999), One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975), Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages (1916), City Lights (1931), The Lady Eve (1941), Hamlet (1948), Swing Time (1936), West Side Story (1961), The Band Wagon (1953), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), Bringing Up Baby (1938), Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), Braveheart (1995), so many more!

Actors: Laurence Olivier, Charles Chaplin, Sunset Blvd.James Stewart, Peter O'Toole, Clark Gable, William Holden, Cary Grant, Alec Guinness, Gene Kelly, Montgomery Clift, James Cagney, Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Orson Welles, Fred Astaire, Tom Hanks, Spencer Tracy, Laurel and Hardy, Humphrey Bogart, Anthony Quinn, James Mason...many more!
Actresses: Katharine Hepburn, Ingrid Bergman, Lillian Gish, Audrey Hepburn, Claudette Colbert, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Swanson, Louise Brooks, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow, Judy Garland, Carole Lombard, Rita Hayworth, Barbara Stanwyck, Natalie Wood, Julie Christie, Julie Andrews, Vivien Leigh, Jennifer Jones, Lauren Bacall...many more!

TESTIMONY: They are so much better than the special effects and sex-filled movies of today!

*Contributed by: "Anna K." Date: Fri, May 11 2001 / 23:55:55 PDT

This contributor is represented with a photo of Ingrid Bergman.

Movie Stills: Lawrence of Arabia (1962); Sunset Blvd. (1950)

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