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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Contributing Editor: TIM SMITH

Liz and Tim

CONTRIBUTIONS: 10 performers: James Arness, W.C. Fields, Glenn Ford, Paulette Goddard, Susan Hayward, Kenneth More, Gene Tierney, Regis Toomey, Claire Trevor, Lee Van Cleef;
3 Teams: Who Are...Abbott and Costello?, Who Are...The Rat Pack?; Who Are...The Marx Brothers?
2 Behind the Scenes Operators: Don't Know...Ernest B. Schoedsack?, Don't Know...Richard Thorpe?

Citizen Kane (1941)E-MAIL CONTACT: scotswrath@hotmail.com

LOCATION: Missouri, U.S.A.

BIRTHDAY: May 17, 1954


INTERESTS: Old movies, classic rock and classic contemporary Christian music, puritan theology, reading, camping, trying to catch up on sleep.

MOVIE MEMORABILIA: A poster from Beau Geste

PERFORMERS MET: Have I met any performers? If you count politicians, yes. But didn't Shakespeare say that "All the world is but a stage, and we are all performers?" But on the technical side, musicians yes, actors no. I did stand within a hundred feet of Dudley Moore a few years back in D.C., and Lloyd Bridges did his TV movie on the Wallendas a few blocks from where I lived in FL. And I did meet Brian Godawa, who wrote the script for the movie, To End All Wars, with Kiefer Sutherland. I guess that about does it, save for local yokels when I was a mere broth of a lad.

FAVORITE MOVIES: Citizen Kane (1941), The Court Jester (1956) .... I'm sure that there are others, just too many to name.

The Court Jester (1956)FAVORITE ACTORS/ACTRESSES: John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Alan Ladd, Teresa Wright, Loretta Young, Donna Reed

TESTIMONY: Why do I like classic films? Could it be because of the innocence portrayed in them? Is it because of the dependence on acting ability? The opportunity to escape the harshness of reality, if even for only a couple of hours, rather than watching the evening news on the wide screen? Or is it a conglomeration of all the above? Yeah, that's it.

*Contributed by: "Tim Smith" Date: Fri, May 25 2001 / 15:15:24 PST

Contributor portrait: Tim Smith and Elizabeth Van Cleve Randolph (Classically Speaking CEO)

Movie stills displayed: Citizen Kane (1941); The Court Jester (1956)

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